CSB/CC25042 250mm x 42T TCT Sawblade

CSB/CC25042 250mm x 42T TCT Sawblade


Trend Craft Pro saw blade – 250mm diameter 30mm bore 42tooth TCT
Specialist blade with -5 degree hook, 3mm kerf with 2mm plate thickness for clean, safe cutting with mitre saws.
Ideal for fast and safe general purpose crosscutting of heavier timber with mitre saws and clean crosscutting and ripping with table saws.
Supplied with 16mm, 20mm and 25.4mm reducing washers for increased compatibility with 250mm diameter pull over mitre saws and table saws.
Premium quality Microgranular Tungsten Carbide tips are silver brazed and precision ground for high end performance and edge retention across the board.
The Trend blade utilises a high grade alloy steel plate, hardened and tempered to maintain flat and true performance for assured accuracy and longevity.

Bore Size : 30mm

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