SNAP/CS/10 Drill & Countersink

SNAP/CS/10 Drill & Countersink


Trend Snappy 9.5mm diameter countersink – with adjustable drill
9.5mm diameter countersink for up to 10 gauge Imperial screws.
The perfect, fast swap accessory for clean, consistent finishes.”
Made from hardened tool steel for assured performance.
Ideally suited to hard and softwoods alike.”
Fitted with high quality 3.25mm diameter replaceable HSS (High Speed Steel) piloting drill for No 10 Imperial screws in softwood or No8 screws in hardwood.
Easily adjustable drill length for different timber thicknesses and fast alignment.
Can be used to make countersinks and can also be used for counterbores; ideal for use with Trend Snappy SNAP/PC/95T or SNAP/PC/38 Plug Cutters for applications where the fixings need to be hidden.

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