ABU65/50LSC Brass Padlock

ABU65/50LSC Brass Padlock


The ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks have a solid brass body and a hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating. The inner components are made from non-corrosive materials. The precision pin cylinder has mushroom counter pins with the paracentric key-way offering greater protection against manipulation. Automatic locking mechanism.
Sizes 20-25mm are ideal for securing valuables / goods of lesser value or at a low risk of theft. Such as bags, suitcases, jewellery boxes, cash boxes, etc.
Sizes 30-60mm are ideal for securing valuables / goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft. Such as chains, doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, toolboxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchboards, etc.
This ABUS 65/50HB80 Brass Padlock has the following specification:
ABUS Security Level: 6.
Shackle Width: 28mm.
Shackle Height: 80mm.
Shackle Diameter: 8mm.
Overall Width: 50mm.
Overall Height: 129mm.
Overall Depth: 18mm.

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